SALZER PAPIER GmbH is committed to the mission statement of the SALZER GROUP, jointly defined values towards our employees and customers. In addition to the three selected goals of the United Nations (SDG’s), we have set a further focus on the training of “employees of tomorrow”.



Safety is a top priority in our company. Our goal is to prevent all occupational accidents. We ensure this by providing a safe working environment for our employees and actively strengthening safety awareness with regular training and information. All employees bear responsibility for themselves and their colleagues through their actions and compliance with company safety regulations.



In the procurement of raw materials, the selection of our suppliers and the planning of investments, the principle of sustainability is given high priority in addition to economic aspects. We only procure pulp from sustainable forestry (e.g. certified FSC®, PEFC™) and thus make an active contribution to the health of mankind’s most important CO2 reservoir – the forests. Click here for our certificates!




We combine high-quality training and the health well-being of all employees. We start here with our apprentices, because not only a good education makes a person healthy and self-confident. We want healthy employees and we encourage that! The goal is to successfully represent our values as an employer externally and internally.



The hygiene & safety of our products for consumers of our customers is a high good. In order to avoid damages for them and for our company by the use of our products for food packaging, we commit ourselves to fulfill the requirements of HACCP based on EN15593. The consistent compliance with the established hygiene guidelines is the task of each employee.