Approach to a continuous and consistent circular economy – using the environment as a model.

Our claim is that all products – even after their service life – can be returned to the natural cycle. All our product materials and manufacturing processes have been tested in 6 categories.


  • material health
  • material recyclability
  • renewable energy
  • carbon management
  • responsible use of water
  • social responsibility



The entire SALZER product range is certified at the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver Level!

Click here for the official Cradle to Cradle Certified® page.


Key aspects are energy efficiency, as well as the quantity and quality of wastewater used in operations. In the procurement of

raw materials and the selection of our suppliers, we attach great importance to the principle of sustainability. Active environmental protection and gentle production processes are an important pillar of our corporate tradition.


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For more than 10 years we have been regularly calculating a CO2 footprint. The CO2 model was created according to ISO 14044 (life cycle assessment) with consideration of the CO2 fixation in the forest (toe1) and in the product (toe2) according to the CEPI-10-toes-model by denkstatt. It is intended to present as realistic a picture as possible of all the CO2 quantities emitted directly and indirectly by our production and includes all raw and auxiliary materials from the cradle to our factory gate (cradle to gate).


On this basis, we can take strategic decisions to further reduce the CO2 we emit. Click here for more detailed information!

FSC® is proof that products originate from responsibly managed forests. SALZER PAPIER has chosen the FSC® – Credit System: A certain percentage of the total production is sold as FSC® quantity.


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PEFC is proof that products come from sustainably managed forests.

At SALZER PAPER, the PEFC percentage method is in use: The share of purchased pulp is considered the PEFC share of the total production.


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Quality management organizes all measures to improve the organization, processes and products in the company.


Environmental management ensures the sustainable environmental compatibility of the company’s products and processes.


Download ISO 9001:2015 & Download ISO 14001:2015


For HACCP, possible hygiene risks in the production process are analyzed and evaluated to ensure proper and safe production of food contact products.



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The aim of workplace health promotion is to prevent illness in the workplace, to strengthen health and to improve the well-being of employees. SALZER PAPIER has been awarded the BGF seal of approval since 2008.


“Safe and healthy at SALZER” is not just a slogan for us!


In addition to the “workplace health promotion” award from the Austrian Health Insurance Fund and the required work clothing, we also support our employees by holding regular employee and feedback meetings to assess the working atmosphere and well-being and to intercept any difficulties in advance.


  • annual noise measurement
  • hearing test
  • regular eye test & subsidized screen glasses
  • COVID-19 protection measures, offer of company vaccination & testing
  • burn-out prevention
  • occupational medicine offer (vaccinations, counseling)
  • occupational psychology offer (counseling, workshops)