Every third hardcover book in Europe uses woodfree papers from SALZER PAPER. We specialized for decades and are the European leader in the production of wood-free book papers for high-quality hardcover books and premium paperbacks.


book paper – 100% wood-free

Volumen:           vol 1.4 times

Grammaturen:  105, 120, 140 g/m²

Coloring on request


SALZER EOS Vorsatz ribbed product-sheet

Volumen:           1.3 bis 1.75 times

Grammaturen:  80 – 160 g/m²

4 standard colorings optimized for digital printing


SALZER EOS DIGITAL 1,5-fold product-sheet

SALZER EOS DIGITAL 1,3-fold product-sheet



book paper – lightly wood-containing paper


AURA Natural

Volume:          1.5 | 1.8 | 2.0x

Grammages:  70 | 80 | 90 g/m²

Delivery in rolls – Minimum quantity 20 tons


Salzer AURA 1,5 – 1,8-fold product-sheet

Salzer AURA 2,0-fold product-sheet



book papers – wood-containing


With our wood-containing products, we offer high-quality paperback papers to complement our product portfolio. They are ideal for short-lived products in b/w text printing.

SALZER ALPIN is a wood-containing, high-volume book printing paper that delivers the best results in opacity and printing properties. 


Volumen:           1.8 und 2.0

Grammaturen:  50-80 g/m²

Färbung natural (72 – ISO 2470)


SALZER ALPIN Natural 2,0-fold product-sheet

SALZER ALPIN Natural 1,8-fold product-sheet

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