Wood-free papers

In the process of pulp production, the pulp fiber is separated from the wood portion of the tree (lignin). The pulp fiber is further processed into papers or other products, and the wood portion is used for energy. Therefore, papers made from these fibers are called wood-free papers. In our wood-free papers, no other fiber material such as groundwood pulp (in which wood is finely shredded mechanically) is used either.

For pulp and wood pulp production, thinned wood and sawmill residues are always used!


Wood-containing papers

In the case of wood-containing papers, the entire wood is used for paper production. In this process, roundwood or wood chips are ground in various processes (TMP – thermo mechanical, GW – groundwood, CTMP – chemo thermo mechanical pulp). This produces a fiber pulp that is used for paper production.