SALZER FORMTECH @ “Topf sucht Deckel”

On May 2, Wolfgang Spanny, Stephan Leeb and Michaela Huber of SALZER FORMTECH participated in the business contact fair “Topf sucht Deckel” of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce.



As the name suggests, this event serves the purpose of networking between the participating companies and generating new customer and business contacts. In advance, each participant is encouraged to announce five desired interlocutors. On the evening of the event, the participants were given an envelope in which, by means of a time and table plan, they were told exactly who would have which conversation and when. The surprise effect was that we did not know who would like to have a conversation with us. I.e. one has either 5 conversations (those, which one selected oneself) or up to 10 (if one was selected by others).



All three participants of the SFT were well booked with 9 talks each and were able to meet interesting people during the course of the evening and to hold out the prospect of new possible collaborations.


Fotocredit: Tanja Wagner / WIFI