Not only the attentiveness to our environment, but also the long-lasting existence of the family business SALZER makes it visible that the topic of sustainability has a high priority for us. Through our products and activities, we promote sustainable action and support the “Sustainable Development Goals” of the United Nations. Our focus of action is on the following three goals: Health and Well-Being, Sustainable Consumption and Production, and Climate Protection Measures.


“We focus on quality, innovation and repairing instead of throwing away – because responsibility has been our tradition for generations!” 


– Thomas Salzer, SALZERGRUPPE











Being strong as a team – that’s what connects us!

A strong focus of the SALZERGRUPPE is on safety and health, with the aim of preventing accidents at work and maintaining the health of our employees. Our corporate culture is characterized by mutual trust, openness, flexibility and high motivation.



Loving technology and craftsmanship – this is how quality for the world market is created!

For our customers, the name SALZER stands for reliability and stable, high quality, combined with a high degree of delivery capability and delivery reliability. As a competent partner with a high level of service orientation and flexibility, our customers’ requirements are always met to their utmost satisfaction.




Taking the future into our own hands is something we all do together!

The impact of our activities on the environment is continuously evaluated and significantly improved in key areas such as energy efficiency and the quantity and quality of operational emissions (air, water, soil, waste).


Joint certificates of the


We continuously evaluate the impact of our activities on the environment and are committed to complying with environmental legislation requirements. As a result, we have already been able to significantly improve operational emissions (air, water, soil, waste) and are committed to continuing to pursue this goal.

Here we work on the improvement of organization, processes and products in the company. In order to be able to use synergies, organizational agendas are continuously being standardized and suitably introduced for all three companies.


Joint planning in the area of sustainability is the goal of the group certificate. The environmental compatibility of the company’s products and processes is regularly evaluated and optimization opportunities are sought.



Joint health programs, preventive medical check-ups or, for example, flu vaccinations are regularly offered to SALZERGRUPPE employees.