Anniversaries as far as the eye can see



The SALZER year 2021 was full of jubilarians. We are particularly pleased that 23 employees were able to celebrate their long service anniversaries in a special setting. Three of them even celebrated 40 years! Despite the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, a joint suckling pig dinner was organised for all staff members in front of the new SIS building and workshop, which opened in October 2020. 



On 01 October 2021, our first employee party took place at the SALZER premises. On this Friday afternoon – unusually mild for October – the certificates and congratulations were distributed to all present employees celebrating their jubilee by all managing directors of the SALZER GROUP and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Labour. The pensioners from all three companies were also officially discharged. 




Congratulations to all those celebrating their jubilee and to all young retirees from the companies of the entire SALZER GRUPPE!