Culinary Spring: 3 cookbook new publications in the Brandstetter publishing house on SALZER paper

To shorten the wait for the first real spring days we have three cookbook recommendations for you:


1. “Restlos glücklich” by Paul Ivić, chef at the vegetarian gourmet restaurant “Tian” in Vienna. Recipes from vegetable cuisine and zero waste. Click here to listen to the link on Ö3 “Frühstück bei mir” with Claudia Stöckl!


2. the selection of vegetarian and vegan cookbooks is getting better and better. Because cooking without meat is not a renunciation but a pleasure: The sequel to “Immer schon vegan”, namely “Immer wieder vegan” by Katharina Seiser describes the best of traditional plant-based cuisine from all over the world.  Always already vegan!

3. and as third cookbook recommendation: “Umessen. The cookbook for a better world” by Lea Elci, a 15-year-old who inspires her readers with good, uncomplicated and climate-friendly food.