Together we helped!

Together with Caritas St. Pölten & NÖ-West, IKEA and the Rotary Club St. Pölten we have prepared a house in St. Pölten for refugees from Ukraine. On Monday, July 4, 2022 was the official handover!

Unfortunately, there is no end to the war in Ukraine. Since February 2022 Ukrainian cities are bombed from the air and shelled with artillery, rockets and tanks. Not only military targets are destroyed but also civilian infrastructure, i.e. power supply, residential buildings, schools, hospitals, … . Millions of people have already been forced to leave their homes. The plight of millions of people is worsening daily and the humanitarian situation is catastrophic. 


For those people who have succeeded in fleeing and who are seeking protection in Austria, we have tried to make our contribution together – according to the motto: “Hands on – we’ll tackle it”:



THANK YOU to all the donations in kind, time and money!