Donation handover to the Samariterbund St. Pölten

Since December 2020, the companies of the SALZERGRUPPE have been supported by the Samariterbund St. Pölten in the operational Covid-19 measures. So far antigen and PCR tests have been carried out for employees on 82 dates. In addition, we were able to successfully handle the first and second Covid-19 vaccination on 6 dates with emergency paramedics and our company physician for over 300 people.



At the end of February, the managing directors Thomas Salzer (GF SALZER PAPIER), Harald Egger (GF Sales SALZER PAPIER), Wolfgang Spanny (GF SALZER FORMTECH) and Franz Permoser (GF SALZER INDUSTRIE SERVICE) presented a generous donation of € 4,000. With this contribution the SALZERGRUPPE symbolically takes over the financing of 5 days of emergency rescue.


We thank you very much for the reliable support and are happy that our contribution helps!