The summer will be exciting… least as far as our first reading recommendation is concerned. The first and only crime novel by Lucinda Riley on SALZER EOS 80g, 2-fold natural white. 

For all “7 sisters” fans also a new experience!



Available here:

Lucinda Riley: Die Toten von Fleat House – Buch – Goldmann Verlag (


These two works were printed on our EOS 1.5x, 115g, special extra white: 



On the one hand, the autobiography of Michael Häupl – Vienna’s former mayor. And on the other, a story about a country – Afghanistan. Antonia Rados has been traveling to Afghanistan as a foreign reporter for over 40 years. She explored backgrounds and events that often remain hidden in the West, spoke with warlords, tribal leaders and presidents, stayed overnight with Afghan families and experienced hospitality as well as fear of kidnapping.



We hope you enjoy reading – this year there really is something for everyone.