We stand to our values


As a long-standing family business, our top priorities are our employees, long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers, the pursuit of quality and reliability, and sustainability. Innovative products, modern machinery and our dedicated and competent team contribute significantly to the success of our company.


We focus on quality and individuality


Our striving for quality does not only refer to product features, but to all services we provide.

Creating something special in the long term


We see ourselves as a team and together we want to create something special in the long term.

We as a competent partner


We see ourselves as a partner to our customers and develop special applications for and with our customers. Our task is to find the right solutions.

We walk the path together


We maintain a fair and cooperative relationship with our suppliers. We see our suppliers as part of our success and involve them in our developments.

We combine tradition with future


We realize novel, progressive solutions and think future-oriented, but at the same time realistic.

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We take responsibility


Sustainability and environmental protection are of great concern to us. The processing of EPS waste for the manufacture of new products is state of the art.

In this way, we help to avoid unnecessary environmental pollution.


“We offer customer benefits through intelligent solutions for a wide range of applications. At the same time, we keep an eye out for new materials, techniques and markets.”


– Wolfgang Spanny, CEO of SALZER FORMTECH GmbH