Salzer Industrie Service GmbH is a company of the SALZERGRUPPE. The resulting synergy effects and the constant cooperation between the individual companies of the SALZERGRUPPE have made Salzer Industrie Service GmbH the ideal contact in the field of maintenance and servicing of industrial plants. We stand by the mission statement of the SALZERGRUPPE and see ourselves as part of the group of companies. It is our task to meet our customers’ requirements for our services to their utmost satisfaction. Our claim to ourselves: Service quality & safety as the highest premise.

Focus on safety

We are the first company in the SALZERGRUPPE to implement ISO 45001:2018 in our Integrated Management System. With this, we are committed to providing safe and healthy workplaces, continuously improving them, and preventing work-related injuries and illnesses. Occupational accidents are to be reduced and, at the same time, employee awareness of occupational health and safety is to be improved.

Focus on repair and energy efficiency

Repairs are the most sustainable of all services. On the way to a sustainable use of resources, our fitters and specialists make an important contribution. This means resource conservation at the highest level – and that is urgently needed! Repairing is an important step from a throwaway society to a sustainable one – also in the industrial sector.